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The Whole Story

In today’s non-stop world, people often overlook many of the ancillary benefits a well-curated diet can provide us in our day-to-day lives. Not only does a healthy diet generally keep us healthier, but a conscious effort to include certain foods can help us deal with a variety of ailments such as kidney stones. Dr. Thomas Zaciewski and Ben Patterson, the founders of Whole Nutraceuticals, studied the effects food can have against these ailments and created this organization to share their findings with the world. This is their story.

Our founders saw themselves at an impasse. As a urologist, Dr. Zaciewski was spending half of his work day treating kidney stone patients. Patterson’s commitment to the advancement of whole food nutrition had made him acutely aware of the true impact of the fuel we put into our bodies. Together they aimed to find a way to utilize the power of whole food nutrition in a way that would help those afflicted by conditions such as kidney stones.

Their ideas revolved around two concepts. The first, being the age-old concept of using food as medicine. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, is credited with the phrase, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Over time, science has shown that specific ailments, illnesses and diseases can benefit from, or even be prevented, by consuming specific whole foods containing specific nutrients. The idea of allowing the body its best possible chance to fight specific ailments with specific foods, was what started the Whole Nutraceutical ball rolling. 

The second concept was that of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of outside factors that can toggle certain genes on and off. These factors range from diet and exercise to how much sleep you get. Research has shown that through making healthy choices for these various factors (enough sleep/fruits/vegetables/exercise/etc.) genes that cause chronic conditions such as kidney stones can be toggled “off.” Eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of chronic disease by as much as 80 percent!

Based upon these principles Whole Nutraceuticals came to be with the creation of their first product - Whole Kidney. Whole Kidney is our patent-pending dietary strategy for kidney stone patients. Through the study of epigenetic factors, Whole Nutraceuticals came to better understand the triggers that cause kidney stones in men and women and created the Whole Kidney product to assist in “toggling off” the responsible genes for this condition.

The buck doesn’t stop at kidney stones for us though. Whole Nutraceuticals is continuing to develop new products that help with other ailments, all built around the core principles of strategic whole food nutrition.

Whole Nutraceuticals is ready to help you today with your battle against kidney stones. Contact us for more information or make the change and order your Whole Kidney today.