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Whole Nutraceuticals: How we started

Like other urologists, Thomas Zaciewski, M.D., spends about half of his day treating kidney stone patients.

“They’re always asking me, ‘Isn’t there a pill I can take?’, and I always have to tell them, ‘No.' It was frustrating, for them and for me. That frustration was the driving force behind this idea.”

The problem got him thinking.
Zaciewski knew his friend, Ben Patterson, to be an expert in whole food nutrition, so he gave him a call. The discussion led to the idea of whole food nutrition in a capsule specifically tailored toward kidney stones - and it was exhilarating. They could be the solution to the problem.

But had it been done?
“We started our research and thought this has to be out there,” Zaciewski said. “We searched and searched, and then did a formal patent search - but no one had done it.”

As they began to develop a formula using the American Academy of Urology dietary recommendations for kidney stones, they recognized the idea could go another sizable step forward. Other chronic diseases could be impacted from a whole foods approach, too.
“We felt this could be a real carve out to help a lot of people,” Zaciewski said, “because a lot of things can be treated with the right foods.”

It was the start of patient-specific dietary strategy - the foundation of Whole Nutraceuticals.

What are Whole Nutraceuticals?
Research shows that plant-based, whole foods can prevent chronic disease. So we created a new product - whole foods in a capsule. Simple, real food with real nutrients aimed at helping your body fight your specific condition.

The only product of this kind on the market.
Our formulas integrate the most powerful foods to impact your kidney stones and osteoporosis, with more on the way! Learn below how to implement your patient-specific dietary strategy. Take a stand against chronic disease.

Whole Nutraceuticals are whole foods - real food with real nutrients aimed at helping your body fight your specific condition. These are not isolated, fragmented, or synthetic vitamins like most supplements. They’re all-natural whole food. The body needs micronutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients found in whole foods. Whole Nutraceuticals is fuel the body knows and can efficiently use.

We apply patient-specific dietary strategy to create a precise formula for each product. What does it mean? Our formulas integrate the most powerful foods shown by research to impact your condition.

Whole Nutraceuticals contain organic, non-GMO ingredients - simple plant-based foods with no synthetic additives or preservatives. Our capsules are a convenient way to get nutrition your body needs, without side effects that come with prescriptions (Because it’s food!).

Whole Nutraceuticals is the only product of this kind on the market.
While not a replacement for healthful eating, Whole Nutraceuticals is a convenient way to nourish your body with the beneficial food components nature intended, in their entirety.

Meet The Creators

Dr. Thomas Zaciewski, M.D.


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Dr. Thomas Zaciewski, M.D.


A man of diverse interests, it only makes sense that when Dr. Thomas Zaciewski saw a need in his medical practice for kidney stone patients, his entrepreneurial gears set into motion.

Zaciewski became a physician because he wanted to help people and was always interested in science. A focus on urology appealed for the wide scope of treatments he knew he would learn to perform. And because he enjoys it, he thinks of entrepreneurship as both a supplemental income and a hobby.

Zaciewski’s career in urology spans Tiffin, Willard, Upper Sandusky, and Findlay, all in Ohio, and he and his wife own seven restaurants in Findlay, Toledo and Columbus. In addition, Zaciewski helps manage his wife Samantha’s dental practice, owns a trucking company, and is involved in commodity trading, commercial real estate, and angel investing.  

Through Whole Nutraceuticals, Zaciewski is excited to add to his “armamentarium” (the medicines, equipment and techniques available to a medical practitioner).

“I am absolutely excited, and I think patients will respond to it well,” Zaciewski said. “I’m excited to at least give these guys something where I can say, ‘Here you go, try it. Read the website - it’s got a lot of information to help.’”

Always on the lookout for opportunity in a shared vision, Zaciewski and Patterson decided Whole Nutraceuticals could become a cornerstone for future cooperatives. Whole Nutraceuticals offers a way for other entrepreneurs in the health field to get their start.

“I want people to have a place to go if they have an idea and the research to back it up,” Zaciewski said. “We can offer a partnership, create a type of think tank phenomenon. I like that kind of mentality.”

Find out more on the “Entrepreneurs” tab of the Whole Nutraceuticals website. (add link)

Zaciewski is a board-certified urologist and has been practicing since 2013. Originally from Toledo, he now lives in Findlay, Ohio, with Samantha and their four children, ages 4 to 11.


Ben Patterson


More Info

Ben Patterson


With a scientist’s mind and the heart of a father, Ben Patterson envisioned a better health future for his family. When his mother was diagnosed with leukemia soon after the birth of his first son, it inspired a search for a way to change the legacy of his family’s health.

“My mom has cancer that will not go away, my dad is legally blind because of Type 2 diabetes,” he explained. “My grandfather had Alzheimer's, and my other grandfather died of a heart attack. I knew my genetic path wasn’t looking so bright. But the good news is epigenetics. You can keep those genes turned off through diet and lifestyle.”

Through his research, Patterson learned about the field of epigenetics - the study of environmental factors that can turn genes “on” or “off.” It was encouragement amid a bleak family medical history. In regards to his mother’s cancer, “it was a silver lining to a terrible diagnosis. I thought maybe I could help,” Patterson said.

Through his background in environmental science, Patterson had built a 15-year career as an environmental consultant, working at Superfund sites for the Environmental Protection Agency and nuclear decommissioning projects for NASA. It was the coupling of his mother’s leukemia diagnosis with his growing family that was a catalyst for his career shift from protecting the earth to protecting health. He decided to shelve his career and focus full-time on whole food nutrition. The benefits were clear, and he became passionate about sharing it.

“With Whole Nutraceuticals, I know there are a lot of people out there who can be helped with more consistent and specific whole food nutrition,” he said.

Patterson was completely on board when Zaciewski approached him with the idea of making an impact on kidney stones through whole food nutrition. “I feel like I was meant to do this,” Patterson said. “I’m extremely proud to be creating a company and products from scratch that have the potential to help so many people around the globe.”

Patterson was born and raised in Findlay, Ohio, and lived in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Westerville before returning to Findlay in 2015.  His wife, Dr. Amber Patterson, M.D., is board-certified in allergy and immunology, as well as pediatrics. They have four children, ages 4 to 12.